The User Response System (URS)

The User Response System (URS)

The Farmer Communication Programme (FCP) has launched a new project – the User Response System (URS). Just like other FCP…
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Programme Development and Advocacy

Programme Development and Advocacy

Programme Development and Advocacy is charged with the responsibility of overall coordination, planning, implementation and evaluation of all communication projects…
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Outreach and Awareness

Outreach and Awareness

This consists of rural based centres managed by TOF and infonet community information workers equipped with facilitation skills to train…
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What's Up!

  • The Organic Farmer Magazine Issues at 100

    The Organic Farmer Magazine Issues at 100

    With the September 2013 issue, The Organic Farmer, one of the principal agricultural magazines in Africa, celebrates its number 100 publication since inception.

    TOF issue number 100! This translates to 800 print pages with information for farmers and about farmers that we have published during the more than eight years the magazine has been in circulation. The journey has been on a long and exciting one; from the first issue of 10,000 copies, which we published way back in April 2005, to the current issue number 100 with a print run of 32,000 copies.

    Over the years, TOF has made thousands of friends within the small-scale farming community in Kenya, East Africa and beyond, the community of scientists in the country, extension officers from the Ministry of Agriculture and even in colleges and schools. To date TOF, as farmers popularly refer to it, is very well known all over the country.

    Huge feedback

    The hundreds of articles and pictures, through which TOF used to pass key messages on organic farming, were by far not a one-way information transfer channel. Farmers did their part by sharing tips and ideas for articles as well as reacting and or responding to letters, phone calls, e-mails and SMS. We are thankful for the huge feedback from farmers. For us working with the farmers is inspiring and motivating. The production of magazine, however, teamwork. Lucy Macharia, the administrator, and James Wathuge, the designer, contributed tremendously to the success of the magazine.

    We wrap up this short introduction with a word of thanks to the publisher, icipe, and Biovision Foundation for Ecological Development in Switzerland, for tirelessly shouldered the cost of production and distribution of The Organic Farmer magazine all these years.

    Message from Andreas Scriber, the CEO of Biovision Foundation for Ecological Development

     The Organic Farmer has turned out to be an amazing success story. That you are holding the 100th edition in your hands is truly remarkable. It shows that a huge void was filled when the magazine was launched in 2005, with access to vital information being a big problem for small-scale farmers, not just in Kenya, but all over Africa.

    Accordingly, the rapid growth of the magazine was demand driven. Today TOF reaches up to 240,000 readers and the Internet site is visited by over 900 people a day. Weekly radio shows, the SMS service and access to information through smart phones complement TOF and vastly increased its reach.

    The information on sustainable agricultural production is key to assisting millions of smallholders, who are, as is widely recognized, crucial for ensuring food security for the population, creating jobs and maintaining a healthy environment. All of which form the basis for any healthy economy.

    However, the need for extension services and ongoing support for smallholders is traditionally neglected by many policy makers who pay lip service to the enormous performance of the people who feed the country.

    For these reasons, Biovision Foundation, together with icipe, has supported TOF from the beginning, and will continue to do so in the years to come

  • Farmers rewarded by Swedish interns!

    Farmers rewarded by Swedish interns!

    In conformity with its mission to alleviate poverty and improve the welfare of resource limited small-holder farmers in Kenya and Africa, The Farmer Communication Programme (FCP) supports sustainable agricultural projects and initiatives focusing on generation and dissemination of information on ecologically sound and useful practices to improve human, animal, plant and environmental health. The Biovision Farmer Communication Programme also provides opportunities for students enrolled in relevant graduate programmes to undertake internships at our office in Nairobi with the main aimes of; Read More »

  • Infonet-Biovision & KEFRI holds a workshop on Enhancing Tree-Planting:

    Infonet-Biovision & KEFRI holds a workshop on Enhancing Tree-Planting:

    Through courtesy of Infonet-Biovision and hosting by Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI), a stakeholder consultation and content development workshop on Enhancing Tree-planting is being held at the KEFRI headquarters Muguga, Nairobi, from the 20th – 24th of February2012. The workshop is supported by tree specialists and researchers from KEFRI, KARI, ICRAF and facilitated by Dr. Anders Pedersen, an Infonet-Biovision forestry consultant.

    The workshop brings together Community Information Workers (CIWs) under Biovision FCP and various key forestry stakeholders. The main objective of the workshop is to critically examine the current tree needs for different agroecological zones in the country and by so doing update the content on the Environmental Health section of the Infonet Biovision platform and for wider dissemination. For more information about the workshop, see the programme here.