The New face of Infonet Database

Infonet-biovision seized the opportunity during the BvAT day on the 12th of July to unleash its revamped new look. The infonet-biovision database has been in place since 2007 giving farmers, trainers, students, and extension workers quick access to up-to-date and locally relevant agricultural information on sustainable farming. Since inception, the Infonet platform has undergone various transformations to make it responsive to user needs and align itself with the changing technological environment. Of great importance, the infonet platform was recently given a face-lift. The platform is now based on Drupal Content Management System (CMS) allowing for breaking down content life cycle into distinct processes; content creation, management, publishing and presentation. These distinct processes make it possible to have multiple persons dealing with the content hence improved turnaround time in relation to creating and updating content. This great revamping is not only good for the management of the site but rather it eases the process of accessing information by users. Key features that came with the revamping are as below; Key features […]

BvAT Executive Director at the official Launch of the Sauti Kuu Vocational and Resource Centre in Kogelo, Siaya County

The BvAT Executive Director, Dr. David Amudavi was honored to be part of the invited guests at the official opening of the Sauti Kuu Vocational and Resource Centre of Auma Obama Foundation held on 16th July 2018 at Kogelo, Siaya County. The event was graced by the former US President, His Excellency Barrack Obama as the chief guest. The Chief Guest on this special day, delivered an inspirational and motivational speech not only to those who attended the function but the whole nation. Watch the full speech below; Initially started off in 2011 as part of the Auma Obama Foundation, where local communities learn about organic farming, food storage, among others, the resource centre is an institution that will provide a platform and opportunity for young people and the community to nurture talent through sports, dance and entrepreneurship. The center will also educate the youths on how to transform idle land or resources into money. The Auma Obama Foundation will empower the youth into self-reliant, productive and people devoid of […]

BvAT DAY – Address by ICIPE Director General’s Office

Welcome & Remarks by Dr. Sunday Ekesi – Director, Research & Partnerships, ICIPE. Representing the Director General of ICIPE, the Director of Research and Partnership (DRP), Dr. Sunday Ekesi, welcomed all the event visitors, guests and participants to the Biovision Africa Trust (BvAT) Day. Dr. Ekesi thanked Biovision Foundation for the support it had given to both ICIPE and BvAT over the years and assured them that the funds were being utilized in the most effective and efficient way to generate and disseminate knowledge and information on ecological sustainable agriculture while ensuring that as many farmers as possible were reached and benefitted from the research efforts. Dr. Ekesi reiterated the strong collaboration and partnership between ICIPE and BvAT, and mentioned some areas to illustrate this:

Biovision Africa Trust Day – Connecting with farmers

Biovision Africa Trust (BvAT) has taken the show to be associated with the Biovision Foundation’s celebrations of its 20th anniversary this year in Zurich, Switzerland. As a buildup to the main event, the Foundation has organized a chain of events both in Switzerland and in country project areas. At BvAT, we are privileged to be the custodians of one of the biggest programmes being supported by Biovision Foundation, the Farmer Communication Programme (FCP), and therefore lucky to host one of the buildup activities to the main 20th Anniversary celebration. We organized a BvAT Day for the Biovision Foundation board members. The BvAT Day was held on the 12th of July at the ICIPE’s Duduville Campus and some of FCP Team members later joined the Biovision Partners meeting at the Mbita Campus in Western Kenya. At Duduville, the event was used to inform the Biovision Foundation delegation of the great work being undertaken by the various BvAT projects and also during the occasion, Infonet-Biovision – one of the FCP projects seized […]

Build capacity to regulate GM technology

Kenya’s National Biosafety Authority (NBA) has already given the green light for open field trials of the of Genetically Modified Bt Maize. The decision is likely to have far reaching consequences on consumers and the future of small-scale farmers in the country. No other debate has polarised agricultural stakeholders in the country the way the GMO debate has, and with good reason. For one, the stakes are very high from whatever side one sits on this debate.For the proponents, GMOs could supposedly unlock the potential for the country to be self-sufficient in food production through the introduction of new seed varieties. These varieties are said to be  resistant to diseases and pests, use limited amounts of water to grow and therefore enable Kenya to produce food in arid and semi-arid areas of the country while making it possible for farmers to produce food even during the frequent drought that often threaten the country’s food security. But the real reason for the fight to have GMOs in Kenya is to allow […]