Musdalafa Okello Lyaga

Musdalafa Okello Lyaga is a TOF Radio Assistant at the Biovision Africa Trust (BvAT) for the Farmer Communication Programme (FCP).

Musdalafa is an award winning Journalist who holds a B.A degree in Media Journalism and Creative Writing from Namasagali University in Uganda.

Prior to joining BvAT, Musdalafa worked with Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC).

Musdalafa has also been involved in documentary and features video production for charity and has produced over 10 Farmer to farmer training videos for icipe, Access Agriculture, CABI, and SNV dry development program.

Given his vast experience, Musdalafa is charged with developing content through research with farmers for both Radio and Video documentaries. Specific tasks include script writing, interviewing, filming, voicing and editing.