Why We Need to Tell Success Stories; BvAT Executive Director Dr. David Amudavi

“Success stories are about our dreams,” he begun, “Dream of what you can do to change a farmer and his/her family positively by either increasing production, improving nutrition, improving the environmental condition, improving his/her welfare or the general happiness of the farmer.” According to Dr. David Amudavi, the Executive Director of BvAT, success stories are proof that you have something to offer to the farmer. It is an innovative way of telling others what we are doing as an organization. His advice was, one should dream and act to realize the story because success stories do no happen by accident or chance but rather by design. Dr. Amudavi advised that one should come up with or tap into innovations, necessary technologies and new ideas to help achieve one’s dream. Harmoniously, success stories are not a waste of time but rather a powerful way to carry out extension work, and such stories help farmers to reduce risks in decision making. Success stories help shorten the learning curve, invites support to what proves to be a success case and stabilizes the already available support. According to Dr. Amudavi, worth reflecting on are the key features, the defining elements of a success story and their packaging to influence and motivate others to do the same. He concluded by saying that success stories come by proactively going out and working with farmers thus they are not limited to oneself. Therefore, one should dream, design how to achieve it and work towards making it happen The BvAT ED said this during the official opening of the workshop on capacity building of field staff on documenting success stories held on 26th and 27th of July 2018 at the Sunstar Hotel Nairobi. The workshop aimed at using field extension staff as a channel for collecting and collating impactful success stories as well as build the staff capacity in development of good success stories. Stories that will motivate and inspire.

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