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Despite Social Media, Radio is still the dominant mass-medium in Africa with the widest reach and highest audiences compared with TV, newspapers and other ICTs. TOF Radio is reaching millions of farmers in Kenya #sustainablefarming @FutureForAll @kimanimuchora @IFOAMorganic https://t.co/F7py3Ll0pq BiovisionAfrica photo

Despite the poor reading culture among Kenyans, @TOFMagazine readership has steadily grown over the years. This' a critical resource for agroecology practitioners @BioversityLib @FutureForAll @kimanimuchora Our team in Kilifi is marketing this farmers' must have magazine. https://t.co/rbxkYjZ0Ns BiovisionAfrica photo

Infonet is one of the richest information repositories under the Biovision Farmer Communication programme. Our team is in Kilifi training farmers on how to use it. https://t.co/hvolHMKr2n @CGIAR_Data @FutureForAll @TOFMagazine @organicgroves @IFOAMorganic @damudavi https://t.co/UUYHhKDErV BiovisionAfrica photo

The BvAT’s Machakos team honored for their efforts in promoting youth in agriculture - https://t.co/nadT8xpa84 via @BvAT_09 @Biovisionafrica

Farmer-based Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) on Thursday embarked on a float to create awareness about the need to promote agroecology to tackle climate change. https://t.co/kuNA2pjnPT