What is infonet?

Infonet, a channel of the Biovision Farmer Communication Programme (FCP), provides scientific and practical validated information and knowledge related to plant (crop), animal, human and environmental health. The resource gives farmers, trainers, students, and extension workers quick access to up-to-date and locally relevant agricultural information and related topics.

Infonet-Biovision’s aim is to increase human and animal welfare and health, improve regional and local food security and at the same time conserve the environment and biodiversity.


The information presented is specific for East Africa but is accessed worldwide and useful for many tropical countries.

Infonet helps to bridge the digital divide between the users and researchers by translating and availing scientific and hard to comprehend information into more user-friendly formats. It also complements the other FCP channels: The Organic Farmer (TOF) Magazine, The Organic Farmer Radio, The Farmer Communication Outreach and the Mkulima Mbunifu programme which have more localized articles, commentaries and a farmer SMS service.