Meeting with Hungarian delegation to promote organic oyster mushroom (Pleurotus spp.) production in Kenya

BvAT Team with the Hungarian Researchers and Investors

On 2nd March, BvAT team met with a Hungarian delegation of five researchers and investors led by Andreas Domonyai on behalf of Ms. Andrienn Nagy of Pilze-Nagy Ltd (https://www.pleurotus.hu). Their interest is in seeking collaboration with Kenyan partners in working on a new project which aims to develop small-scale farm technology in Kenya for organic oyster mushroom (Pleurotus spp.) production in Kenya. The Hungarian company has been in business for over 25 years, and has full range of technology and technical expertise along the mushroom value chain from substrate production to growing mushrooms organically, packaging, selling and using waste to produce energy.

The EU has funds to promote organic oyster mushroom farming to be released following proposals responding to an African call in 2019 which the delegation would want to apply for and would like to already have activities taking place on the ground and have identified local partners to work with by then. BvAT has been identified as a potential partner through the Executive Director’s networks at the EU in Brussels, Belgium. The delegation’s suggestion was to begin trial/ pilot working with farmers in Kenya who’d be willing to grow the mushrooms; the company can train them on the technology to be used. The organization would like to take a sustainable and ecological agricultural approach in Mushroom production including the recycling of mushroom waste in making of organic fertilizers to improve soil fertility. It also aims at improving nutrition in local communities where the project will be introduced. In the long term the organization will look into value addition and sale of mushroom locally and even in the international market if the initiative succeeds.


Hudson – Project Assistant

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