The New face of Infonet Database

Infonet-biovision seized the opportunity during the BvAT day on the 12th of July to unleash its revamped new look. The infonet-biovision database has been in place since 2007 giving farmers, trainers, students, and extension workers quick access to up-to-date and locally relevant agricultural information on sustainable farming.

Since inception, the Infonet platform has undergone various transformations to make it responsive to user needs and align itself with the changing technological environment. Of great importance, the infonet platform was recently given a face-lift. The platform is now based on Drupal Content Management System (CMS) allowing for breaking down content life cycle into distinct processes; content creation, management, publishing and presentation. These distinct processes make it possible to have multiple persons dealing with the content hence improved turnaround time in relation to creating and updating content.

This great revamping is not only good for the management of the site but rather it eases the process of accessing information by users. Key features that came with the revamping are as below;

Key features of new Infonet platform

  1. Mobile responsive: This means that as a user, you can easily access infonet content using your smartphone and or tablet
  2. User friendly:  it is easier to navigate and find your content of interest because different colors have been used for the different thematic areas of plant health (green), human health (blue), animal health (red) and environmental health (brown)
  3. Human readable file names: Files in the database have been assigned names that can be easily identified by people e.g
  4.  Help File: The platform has an up to date comprehensive user guide at the top of the home page to help users navigate the database to what they are looking for.
  5. Offline version: The database has an offline version that allows users to access our content without necessarily going online. With this, one only needs to download the entire site via a given link and install on his/her computer for offline access. It is easy to print and share content from the site.
  6. TOF and MkM Magazines: The infonet database also contains up to date issues of both the organic farmer and mkulima mbunifu magazines.

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