Ms Erica Rugabandana

Ms Erica Rugabandana is the Project Manager Mkulima Mbunifu (MkM) andCountry Lead, Tanzania.

Erica holds a Master of Arts in Community Development (MACD) and an Advanced Diploma in Wildlife Management.

Erica comes in with rich experience in both magazine and radio production. Previously, she worked with Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF) as Coordinator of film and radio programs (Maajabu unit), and later as Acting Head of communication department. She has conducted various consultancies such as baseline survey with Maasai Emergency and VET AGRO in Terat, Babati and Longido on ‘Impacts of drought to food availability in Maasai community’ and production of education video documentaries with Tanzania Natural Resource Forum (TNRF), Africa Initiative and The Joshua Foundation.

Her achievements have been:

  • She produced a Radio program on the value of traditional knowledge in land use plan, that was broadcasted on TBC Taifa.
  • Produced radio programs on legal tools for community empowerment that was broadcasted on TBC Taifa, Kili FM, Sunrise radio Arusha and on Orkornel radio, Terat.
  • Produced radio program “ What Does A Climate Change Look Like to Pastoralist Communities in Tanzania”.
  • Produced “Our beloved forest” a film produced in Ngorongoro to advocate for maasai ownership rights in managing forest in their village land.