Hudson Wereh Shiraku

Hudson Wereh Shiraku is a Programme Assistant at the Biovision Africa Trust (BvAT) for the Farmer Communication Programme (FCP) and the Ecological Organic Agriculture (EOA) Initiative.

Hudson is an Environmentalist, Rural Development and ICT for Development professional with over five years experience. Hudson is sustainable agriculture advocate and he has been involved in developing training content on sustainable farming innovations. He has been involved in proposal writing, project implementation, M&E for sustainable development project within the Results Based Management (RBM) paradigm. Hudson also has expertise in video production, data analysis, GIS and Geographical Indications. He has worked with the African Union, Lifetime Consulting and ICIPE. Hudson Wereh is also a blogger, researcher, science and creative writer.

Hudson Wereh holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science Degree and he’s pursuing a masters in the same area. He holds a diploma in Project Management and short courses in ICT4Dev, GIS, Video editing, proposal writing and M&E. He is also a beneficiary of a Master’s of Science in Integrated Drylands Management under the auspices of the United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH)

Hudson is engaged by both the FCP and EOA programmes. His responsibilities include managing two websites of the programmes – generating content in different formats (video, text and pictures) and uploading on the websites, supporting outreach activities, data management, raising awareness of programme activities and resource mobilization.