Combating Climate Change With Agroforestry

“The best time to plant trees was 20 years ago, but the send best time to plant trees in now” so goes the adage. The current challenges faced in the agricultural sector emanate from the effects of climate change which are directly linked to deforestation. Mitigating and even reversing this dangerous trend is inevitable if we must save our food production systems keep the world food secure.

Aping from the president Kenyatta’s directive on a 1.8 billion national tree planting drive, Biovision Africa Trust and PELUM Kenya recently held a workshop to;
i. Enhance the capacities of smallholder farmers and extension agents on agroforestry practices in Western Kenya
ii. Establish a strategy on establishing community nurseries.

The agroforestry project is implemented under the auspices of SSNC and it is aimed at ‘Improving sustainable farming practices of smallholder farms in Western Kenya through enhanced integration of agroforestry practices by 2019’.

The workshop was conducted after a due diligence was conducted and participating groups identified. The project works with groups to maximize on the numbers reached and therefore this workshop was conducted to farmer groups and extension staff agroforestry. The workshop was facilitated by VI Agroforestry.

The workshop was attended by representatives of 4 farmer groups and 4 extension staff. Topics covered include introduction to agroforestry systems and practices, attributes of agroforestry, seed technology, nursery establishment and extension services in agroforestry. The team visited VI agroforestry offices for practicals in nursery management and identification of agroforestry species. A learning visit was undertaken to a farmer practicing the agroforestry practices trained on.

Group Photo of The Workshop Participants

On the next steps, the participants came up with a way forward for the implementation of the project and agreed on timelines. Stay tuned for more on this project and more in the organic farming industry.

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