FCP’s Paradigm Shift from Information Dissemination to Communicating for Behavior Change

Times are changing and so are our challenges and the strategies we employ in tackling them. Biovision Africa Trust is also rethinking its strategies for FCP’s next phase (2019-2021) given the evolving nature of the problems our farmers face. BvAT held a two-day event between the 3rd and 4th of May to brainstorm on the elements for the concept note and proposal for the next phase (2019-2021) of the Biovision Farmer Communication Programme (FCP).

The current phase (2016-2018) is ending December 2018. The workshop’s objective was to review the vision, mission, goal, objectives and Theory of Change of the FCP strategy used during FCP Phase I (2016 – 2018) and to clarify the mission, goal, objectives and theory of change; expected outcomes; and M&E Framework for FCP 2nd Phase (2019 to 2021). Every project was to come up with needs, problems and challenges they are addressing; objectives/ outcomes; main activities; yearly targets; monitoring and evaluation framework and sustainability efforts. All these were to be addressed with the aim to achieve the overall FCP Goal and Programme Objectives. The two-day event examined what had worked and what had not in terms of design & implementation of our programme, information and knowledge sharing and dissemination, focus on Ecological Sustainable Agriculture (ESA) and balance of across the 4H (plant, human, animal and environment health), partnerships, visibility of the programme, tracking farmers’ feedback, revenue regeneration and resource mobilization, sustainability, among others.

The team revised the FCP’s goal to read: From Information Dissemination to Communicating for Behaviour Change. The focus here would be on using models and best practice grounded in research and evidence.

In particular, the programme would:

  1. Identify, segment, and know its audience
  2. Ensure strategic use of media channels
  3. Tailor content to audience and channels used
  4. Use behavioural and other social sciences and to trigger action

These will amplify the impact and efficiency of communication. Having a well-defined target audience allows our programme to improve the reach and relevance of our message to beneficiaries.  In the new phase; FCP will shift focus from;

  1. Content Creation to Content Improvement
  2. Content Distribution to Content Placement
  3. Content Protection to Content Promotion

With these changes, the team is hopeful for a better and brighter future.

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