Biovision Africa Trust Day – Connecting with farmers

Biovision Africa Trust (BvAT) has taken the show to be associated with the Biovision Foundation’s celebrations of its 20th anniversary this year in Zurich, Switzerland. As a buildup to the main event, the Foundation has organized a chain of events both in Switzerland and in country project areas. At BvAT, we are privileged to be the custodians of one of the biggest programmes being supported by Biovision Foundation, the Farmer Communication Programme (FCP), and therefore lucky to host one of the buildup activities to the main 20th Anniversary celebration. We organized a BvAT Day for the Biovision Foundation board members.

The BvAT Day was held on the 12th of July at the ICIPE’s Duduville Campus and some of FCP Team members later joined the Biovision Partners meeting at the Mbita Campus in Western Kenya. At Duduville, the event was used to inform the Biovision Foundation delegation of the great work being undertaken by the various BvAT projects and also during the occasion, Infonet-Biovision – one of the FCP projects seized the opportunity to launch its revamped online-based platform.

The celebration was attended by many guests including, the Chair of the Board of Biovision Africa Trust Mr. Andreas Schriber, the President of Biovision Foundation & Millennium Institute Dr. Hans Herren, Biovision Foundation Board members, Prof Onesmo ole-MoiYoi  Dr. Alice Akinyi Kaudia the Environment Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, and representatives from BvAT’s key collaborating partners such as ICIPE, CABI, PELUM Kenya, KOAN, Hivos International, CIAT, FAO, among others.


Mr. Andreas Schriber

The Chair of the Board of Biovision Africa Trust.

The event was graced by Mr. Geoffrey Kituyi (Assistant Director from Policy Directorate), representing Ms. Ann Onyango, Agriculture Secretary, State Department of Crop Protection, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Irrigation as the chief guest. Mr. Kituyi had this to share with the gathering on behalf of Ms Ann Onyango:

" BvAT, a close partner of our Ministry with presence in over 13 counties out of 47 through its Farmer Communication Programme (FCP) is clearly making a contribution to Agenda 2030 and our increasingly popular Big Four agenda. BvAT collaborates with our Ministry’s Extension Department and the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization in providing and fostering solutions for food security, improved nutrition and sustainable agriculture. I wish BvAT the very best as it continues to grow and work with partners including my Ministry to reach thousands and millions of farmers. I look forward to more achievements as BvAT prepares to celebrate its 10th Anniversary next year " .

Photos on the event from Mbita

Photos of the Event at Duduville Kasarani

Keep checking here on updates for the upcoming 10th anniversary celebration for the Biovision Africa Trust   

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