BvAT and Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) collaboration grows stronger

From L to R: Robert Nyikuli (BvAT Finance Manager), Kinyua Nyamu (CBA, Treasury), Peter K. Mwaniki (Relationship Manager, Corporate Business), Judy Mbethe (Senior Relationship Manager, Corporate Banking), Dr. David Amudavi (BvAT Executive Director) and Raphael Agung’ (Treasurer, Kenya Treasury)

In the recent past, the Bank – NGO relationship hadn’t been one of the best with many NGOs being distrustful of how banks operate. However, there is growing urgency for the two institutions to work more closely together to add value to the services they render to their clients given their common niche in the arena of economic and sustainable development. Since its inception in 2009, Biovision Africa Trust (BvAT) has had a principal financial partner in the Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA). A partnership that has seen BvAT conveniently carry out its transactions such as paying its staff, converting currencies and transferring funds to partners implementing collaborative project activities across several countries in Africa. This relationship has kept growing and improving over time.

On the 24th of October 2018, BvAT hosted a delegation from CBA comprising of senior managers to discuss our current working relationship, how to add value and improve our future collaborations. Given BvAT’s stability and steady growth, CBA has elevated BvAT to be one of its institutional banking partners with similar collaboration and benefits extended to reputable firms and international institutions such as ICIPE and the CGIAR centres. BvAT has been assigned a dedicated relationship manager and institutional structure to ensure provision of seamless services and also provide a platform for linking with like-minded organizations, such as foundations and trusts. CBA will act as an incubator for linking BvAT with some of its partners who could be potential funding partners. Banks have a critical role to play in steering economic and sustainable development through supporting efforts of public and private (both profit and nonprofit) and BvAT recognizes CBA’s role in this effort.

Dr. Amudavi thanked Mr. Kinyua for leading the CBA team to his office to discuss how to deepen the collaboration between the two institutions. Indeed, BvAT and CBA look forward to mutually adding value and growing each institution’s sphere of operations and influence.

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