Biovision Africa Trust to Roll Out A Four-Year Second Phase for The EOA Initiative

The Chairman of the Biovision Africa Trust Board of Trustees Mr. Andreas Schriber officially signed the contract for the 2nd Phase of EOA Initiative under the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) grants. The signing took place during his recent official visit to Biovision Africa Trust’s Office in Nairobi on 7th May 2019. The contract is for a grant of over 6.3 million US dollars for a period of 4 years starting May 2019 to April 2023. This is in addition to the previous grant of about 7.5 million US dollars.

Chair of the BvAT’s Board of Trustees Mr. Andreas Schriber and the BvAT Executive Director Dr. David Amudavi, During the contract signing at BvAT offices in Nairobi

Mr. Schriber, who is also the CEO and Co-founder of the Swiss based NGO Biovision Foundation for Ecological Development, signed this contract in presence of Dr. David Amudavi, the Executive Director of Biovision Africa Trust, and Ms. Venancia Wambua, the EOA Initiative Project Manager. The team is excited about the second phase and having been at the core of the first phase, they look forward to bringing on board lessons drawn from implementing the first phase.

The second phase comes in after a successful completion of Phase one that was implemented from 2014 to 2018 in 8 African countries (Benin, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, Tanzania and Uganda). Rwanda is a new addition to the 8 countries under SDC Support. “With this second phase and addition of Rwanda, BvAT will be strategically placed to increase its footprints in promoting agroecological production systems in Africa” said Mr. Schriber.  He also requested Dr. Amudavi to pass on his appreciation to the whole team spearheading the initiative in Africa and be assured that the BvAT Board of Trustees will continue supporting the noble work they are doing. The team started working on the proposal in November 2018 and had it ready for contract signing by SDC in March 2019.

“With this second phase and addition of Rwanda, BvAT will be strategically placed to increase its footprints in promoting agroecological production systems in Africa” Andreas Schriber

The Initiative’s overall goal for the project period is to contribute to mainstreaming Ecological Organic Agriculture into national agricultural production systems by 2025 to improve agricultural productivity, food security, access to markets and sustainable development in Africa.

The second Phase involving over 30 partners will address the following 4 main objectives;

  1. To avail information and knowledge needed by Ecological Organic Agriculture (EOA) value chain actors through demand-driven, multi-disciplinary, gender sensitive and participatory research and repositories.
  2. To enhance adoption of EOA approaches, technologies and practices through systematic dissemination of research based practical information and knowledge to value chain actors.
  3. To substantially increase share of quality organic products at local, national, regional and international markets through value chain development and market strengthening.
  4. To enhance structured management and governance of EOA through coordination, networking, advocacy, multi stakeholder platforms and capacity building leading to positive changes in agricultural systems in Africa.

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