BvAT Executive Director at the official Launch of the Sauti Kuu Vocational and Resource Centre in Kogelo, Siaya County

The BvAT Executive Director, Dr. David Amudavi was honored to be part of the invited guests at the official opening of the Sauti Kuu Vocational and Resource Centre of Auma Obama Foundation held on 16th July 2018 at Kogelo, Siaya County. The event was graced by the former US President, His Excellency Barrack Obama as the chief guest.  

The Chief Guest on this special day, delivered an inspirational and motivational speech not only to those who attended the function but the whole nation. Watch the full speech below;

Initially started off in 2011 as part of the Auma Obama Foundation, where local communities learn about organic farming, food storage, among others, the resource centre is an institution that will provide a platform and opportunity for young people and the community to nurture talent through sports, dance and entrepreneurship. The center will also educate the youths on how to transform idle land or resources into money. The Auma Obama Foundation will empower the youth into self-reliant, productive and people devoid of dependency syndrome that makes many people lag behind in their own development. The center targets children of
ages between four and 25 to complement their formal schooling and it draws its support from donors in Kenya, US and Germany.

Dr. Amudavi shared BvAT’s publicity materials including the new Infonet-Biovision flash, TOF Magazines, Biovision Farmer Communication Programme brochures among others with the Centre Manager. BvAT and the Sauti Kuu Foundation share many common values surrounding their outlook on the future, as seen by their environmentally conscious and forward approaches to the future especially promoting organic agricultural practices. BvAT looks forward to collaborating with Auma Obama Foundation in supporting the Sauti Kuu Vocational and Resource Centre and such interventions around Kenya.

Borrowing from the Centre’s model, there is a great opportunity for scaling up the same in
other counties in Kenya and BvAT’s collaboration in promoting ecological  organic agriculture
and entrepreneurship.

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