The BMZ supported Knowledge Centre for Organic Agriculture in Africa Project launched

During the launch of the Knowledge Centre for Organic Agriculture in Africa at Biofach in Nurnberg, Germany on 15 February 2019, Dr. Stefan Schmitz, Deputy Director General at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), noted that “Agriculture is not just key to fighting poverty but is also critical to food security and an economic engine of growth”. He noted that with productive land shrinking efforts are needed to ensure food production is in line with the environment. With the current trend of depletion of resources and climate change, Africa is likely to feel more strongly the consequences. He advised that the entire food and agricultural systems therefore need more improvement, modernization and ecologically sustainable practices. He cautioned that, “Business as usual is not an option and that Organic farming is the way to go”. He reported that only about 2% of land globally is managed organically and this has to change. Organic agriculture is the key to sustainable intensification, strengthening health of soils, ecosystems, water retention […]

Dr. David Amudavi: Agricultural land under organic farming is steadily increasing.

Over the last two decades, the development of Organic Agriculture has gained momentum in Africa. Agricultural land under organic farming is steadily increasing according to data released by FiBL. Dr. David Amudavi, the BvAT Director, said this when he spoke at the Biofach Session on the Global Organic Market Overview attended by over 200 people. The session looked deeper into the market developments and reflected about trends and strategic market positioning following presentation of new statistic figures on the first day of the fair. Presenting on the African perspective, he noted that according to the latest FiBL data, Africa had almost 2.1 million hectares of agricultural land under organic farming in 2017, which is 0.2 percent of the continent’s total agricultural area and 3 percent of the global organic agricultural area. This is an increase of about 255,000 hectares or 14 percent compared to 2016, and it increased by more than 2 million hectares from the 52,000 hectares in 2000. The current organic size area is from 44 countries that […]

The Biovision Africa Trust (BvAT) Executive Director’s Mission to Uganda

Between the 4th and 8th of March 2019, the BvAT ED Dr. David Amudavi was in Uganda on a partner identification mission. BvAT is currently seeking to establish partnerships with organizations in Uganda to collaborate with on the BMZ-GIZ sponsored project “Knowledge Centre for Organic Agriculture in Africa” in Uganda. This is a project that will be supporting three centers of excellence in organic agriculture in Africa (Eastern Africa, Southern Africa and West Africa) to enhance production in line with organic principles and standards and stimulate market linkages. BvAT will oversee the East African center and hence the need for this mission to identify collaborators. On this trip, Dr. Amudavi was armed with a meticulously developed checklist of requirements to look for in identifying the most appropriate partners. Some of them were; passion and commitment for (ecological) organic agriculture, availability of sound administrative and financial systems and support infrastructure such as office space. The list is long, but these were some of the paramount requirements. Dr. Amudavi met and held […]