The TOF Magazine Project Manager during the prize giving ceremony

The Organic Farmer BAKE Award Winner 2018!

The Organic Farmer (TOF) has been awarded the Best Agricultural Blog by the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) winners of 2018. For the past six (6) years, BAKE has been awarding exceptional work under various categories.Different bloggers in different categories were recognized and awarded during the Winners’ Gala event on Saturday, 19th May at a Nairobi hotel. ​Other nominees competing in the same category were:,, and determine a winner, a call for submission of blogs for nomination to various categories is made, followed by judging phase, then online voting dates are set and announced to the nominees. All nominees lobby for votes and the Winners’ for various categories are announced at a Gala event organised by BAKE Secretariat. 2018 submission was launched on January 11th. Online voting kicked off on April 4th and closed on May 7th.Thank you for walking the journey with!

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PushPull Technology key in fight against Fall Army Worm.

Dressed in a Brown trouser and a matching cap, Allan Methu admires his maize plantation. Allan is a Push Pull farmer in Lela, 20km Northwest of Kisumu, he is reaping the benefits of adopting the Push Pull technology in planting his maize crop. The crop is the preferable cereal crop for many families in Africa(approximately 300 million People in Africa have maize as the staple food). Key constraints on maize production include pests, degraded soils, weeds and erratic rainfall.The need to address this challenges was the main motivation behind the development and subsequent up scaling of the Push Pull technology. Allan Methu’s Maize Plantation Push pull technology involves intercropping the maize crop with desmodium that  acts as a pest repellant and planting Napier grass (attractive crop) as a border crop around the crop.The technology introduced two decades ago is helping farmers  using the technology stay in business . In developing the technology Dr Zeyaur Khan and his team of scientist sought to address the devastating Striga weed, Stemborer pest and […]