Build capacity to regulate GM technology

Kenya’s National Biosafety Authority (NBA) has already given the green light for open field trials of the of Genetically Modified Bt Maize. The decision is likely to have far reaching consequences on consumers and the future of small-scale farmers in the country. No other debate has polarised agricultural stakeholders in the country the way the GMO debate has, and with good reason. For one, the stakes are very high from whatever side one sits on this debate.For the proponents, GMOs could supposedly unlock the potential for the country to be self-sufficient in food production through the introduction of new seed varieties. These varieties are said to be  resistant to diseases and pests, use limited amounts of water to grow and therefore enable Kenya to produce food in arid and semi-arid areas of the country while making it possible for farmers to produce food even during the frequent drought that often threaten the country’s food security. But the real reason for the fight to have GMOs in Kenya is to allow […]