Njeri Kinuthia - Project Officer (Outreach)

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Njeri Kinuthia is a project officer for the Outreach project under the FCP.

She holds a Certificate and Diploma in Agriculture, and community development and a Bachelor’s of science degree in organic agriculture.

Njeri has a wide experience in Agricultural extension accrued from working with different communities in East Africa. As an agricultural extension officer, she has trained small scale farmers on sustainable farming practices. Before joining Biovision, she worked with the Ministry of Agriculture and farmer organizations in Kenya.

Most of her work at BvAT involve training small scale farmers on good practices in agriculture as well as sourcing out for like mind partners to work with the program. She is also involved in ensuring effective and timely submission of monthly field reports from the field staff.

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I was recently invited to a workshop where results of a study on factors influencing household adoption of renewable energy technologies in rural Kenya by the National Environment Trust Fund (NETFUND). The study was commissioned with support from KIRDI and the Swedish Embassy in Kenya.