Scientists now say that seed, soil and certain crops like Sukuma-wiki have a role to play in the epidemics of Maize Lethal Necrosis Disease (MLND).


Journalists play an important role in agriculture development. They tell the story of farmers, and farming through multiple channels; ranging from mainstream media to open spaces like social media networks. Building the capacity of agriculture communicators is an ongoing concern of stakeholders in the sector.


The invasion of potato fields has led to huge losses by especially for farmers who are contracted by potato crisps processing companies in Nairobi to supply the Dutch Robyjn variety of potatoes. Young whitefies (at nymph stage) stick to the underside of potato leaves where they suck water, making it difficult for leaves to make and transfer nutrients to the plant, which interferes with the growth of potato tubers.


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I was recently invited to a workshop where results of a study on factors influencing household adoption of renewable energy technologies in rural Kenya by the National Environment Trust Fund (NETFUND). The study was commissioned with support from KIRDI and the Swedish Embassy in Kenya.